Discovered you Kitchen doesn’t work for you during Lockdown?

Like most of us, you have spent more time in your Kitchen of late then you possibly have in your life time.

You are now one of two groups, “The next Master Chef” or, “Thank goodness we can get takeout again”.

Well for you budding Master Chefs’ out there, we can make your Kitchen work for you, and help you have the space you need, to create your masterpieces. We can also help you with stylish and functional Appliances.

Our team is back and rearing to go.

We would also like to thank you all, for doing your part during the lockdown, we obviously all still need to work hard to ensure that we can move forward. Our team will ensure that social distancing, and contact tracing is maintained to keep us all safe. If you don’t yet feel comfortable leaving your bubble, or have others come into your bubble, we are still here to help you with contactless pricing, just send your plans to – – and we will be happy to quote for you.

Or as usual, you can contact us through our contacts page, or phone our office on 07 571 0017.