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Kitchen Plans

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Kitchen Layouts

kitchen-plansThere are four main types of kitchen layout:

  • Straight
  • Galley
  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped
  • Open


Straight Kitchen

This is a simple line of cabinets against a wall as shown in the illustrations below.



Normally found in small apartments, granny annexe, batch or motel, this basic kitchen layout contains the essentials. The layout translates into the plan on the right where cabinet sizes would be identified.


Galley Kitchen

galley-kitchen-planThis is a walk-through kitchen with cabinets on two sides


A most popular kitchen type for open plan kitchen / dining areas in a smaller home.



L-Shaped Kitchen

L-shape-kitchen-planThe obvious choice for a corner kitchen.  It can incorporate an island if required.


This is a very versatile configuration. The island could be replaced by a kitchen or dining table depending on ther location.



U-shaped Kitchen

U-shapeThis configuration offers easy access to the kitchen with a kitchen / dining room plan.  There’s lots of benchtop area and heaps of storage.

U-shape pic

Provided the space between the two opposoing walls is not too great, this can be a very efficient layout.  Try to keep no more than two steps from one side to the other



Open Kitchen

open-plan-kitchenIn a larger home with plenty of space an open kitchen layout can provide a lot of benchtop and storage space


This layout, though still popular has been largely superceded by the island layout, which often suits most modern homes better.


As can be seen from the layout plans above, designing a kitchen is largely a matter of lining up kitchen cabinets and appliances in a configuration that suits the way you live and work in your kitchen.  The sink and hob need to be in close proximity to make the draining on pots easy and safe. The fridge and pantry need to be close to the food preparation workbench space.  Organising your workspace efficiently to avoid making lengthy journeys saves in time and mess, and will make working in the kitchen more pleasurable.

The Kitchen Triangle

When planning the positions of your sink, hob/oven and fridge, a triangular configuration is generally considered the optimum one.  By organising these areas as a triangle, carrying (often heavy and hot) items from one place to another is made quicker and easier.

Consider the images below and see how the triangle can be used for different kitchen layouts:

kitchen-triangle-u kitchen-triangle-galley kitchen-triangle-l

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